Conference & meeting

Small groups, informal meetings

Grann hotel is best suited for smaller groups that want a private, tranquil atmosphere for their meeting. The hotel has many large rooms, and the group can use the entire hotel according to their wishes and needs. Sitting rooms with a fireplace or grand piano, a large basement bar, big or small rooms with a view of Vangsmjøsa and the mountains. The hotel is best suited for informal meetings, workshops, and seminars with up to 25 people. In these surroundings it is natural to combine the meeting with an arranged mountain hike. Groups who visit the hotel with the purpose of a meeting or seminar can use all rooms and sitting rooms according to their needs and wishes. The hotel does not have specially designed meeting rooms.


Suitable for Informal meetings and seminars - up to 25 persons
Technical facilities Wi-fi internet, flipover, screen, basic facilities
Conference fooms The hotel does not have conference rooms, but a number of spacious rooms available

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