A taste of the mountains

Fry your own egg and bacon for breakfast, or have it served. The Harahorn breakfast will suit both early and later risers. Eat newly baked, fresh, local, and home made. Drink good coffee, enjoy the silence, and a calm start of the day. Whet your appetite on the mountain - remember your packed lunch! On the mountain tops, the ski slope, and the mountain plateau. Or by the fishing lake, on the hills, or on the terrace. Come home, sit down, enjoy slow food and eat long. Our kitchen is inspired by the whole world, but the ingredients are local. The wine cellar is deep, and the wine menu is varied. We are as happy to recommend a fresh and reasonable wine as we are one of the darker treasures from our cellar’s depths.

Harahorn and Culinary Academy

Harahorn and The Great Life Company invite groups to Harahorn with Culinary Academy. Culinary Academy has become part of The Great Life Company. Here you will probably find this country’s most passionate and competent environment within food and drink. Take your colleagues or friends, and enjoy the beauty; the mountain, the view, the old houses, and world class cooking.


The “Gildehallen” 80
The “Gulstugu” 28
The “Kjellerstuen” 30
The “Rødstugu” 10
The “Blåstugu” 28

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