Many possibilities

Henningsvær can offer glassblowing, a ceramist, candle making, and silver craft, galleries, cafés, pubs, and restaurants. In the neighbouring village of Kabelvåg you can explore Storvågan; here are the Lofoten Museum and the Lofoten Aquarium, the renowned Galleri Espolin, and Nyvågar Rorbuhotel with a café and a restaurant. Henningsvær offers several annual festivals, including the music and culture festival Codstock. On Henningsvær pier is the Galleri Lofotens Hus experience center, an old restored fish landing station. Here you will find a fantastic collection of paintings by famous North Norwegian painters.

To the sea for inspiration

Henningsvær Bryggehotell is in Henningsvær, which is centrally located in Lofoten. Surrounded by the sea on all sides Henningsvær is a fantastic place for activities at sea. Anything from rod fishing on the pier to deep sea fishing for halibut and cod. Deep sea rafting and sea eagle safaris, diving and snorkeling are very popular activities. Kayaking from the safe harbour of Henningsvær under the midnight sun with the Vågakallen mountain majestically towering above the islets and reefs is an experience worth a visit. 30 km to the north is Lofoten golf course, where in summer you can play golf around the clock.

From mid-October to mid-December Orca Lofoten offers a killer whale safari. In addition to experiencing the magnificent killer whales, there is a good chance of seeing the beautiful, flickering northern lights and other light phenomena. During the excursions we barbecue and make a warm, delicious fish soup. Read more at:


Rooms 30
Beds 60
Restaurant 80
Conference capacity 150
Season All year

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