Kabelvåg hotell

Base camp for intense experiences of nature

Kabelvåg Hotel is a hotel for lovers of nature and skiing. This is the place for exploring the extreme mountains and wild nature of Lofoten with friends and like-minded people. We guarantee unforgettable expeditions, and we facilitate the safest possible mountain walks. All information on skiing conditions, routes, weather, and safety is made available to our guests - and continuously updated. We can also provide guides that know the area and ensure the highest level of safety. After the expedition you can look forward to the good atmosphere and great food that has been composed in cooperation with Culinary Academy. Outside the skiing season is the time for kayaking, surfing, climbing, and mountain walks. Kabelvåg Hotel is the great life for active people who want raw nature combined with a laidback, social atmosphere; a little rougher, a little simpler.

This is a seasonal hotel. See our web pages for information on what we offer during this year’s season.


Rooms 28
Beds 56
Restaurant 70

+47 76 07 88 00

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