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At Kabelvåg skis and sports activities have first priority! They are what we are here for. At Kabelvåg Hotel you will gladly get up at five in the morning to climb steep mountains and try out the powder snow conditions, as well as your own stamina. We offer professional guidance to our trekking enthusiasts. Our aim is to make sure you go home unwillingly, but with trekking memories that will bring you back to us.

We offer various packages:

The Lofoten package

Breakfast, lunchbox, and dinner, as well as access to our knowledgeable staff for guidance, and any facilities you may need.

The guide package

Breakfast, lunchbox, and dinner, as well as a guide for 3 days for groups. With this package you pre-order a guide for each day of your stay at the hotel. Our guides take you to the best mountains, looking after your safety the whole time. This makes for safe, educational excursions, and unforgettable skiing experiences. If you are travelling with a group, you may want your own guide for your group. This will make it possible to adapt expeditions exactly to your skill level. We will create a solution to best suit your needs. Contact us for tailored packages! We deliver top competence at good guide prices.


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Restaurant 70
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