Kleivstua hotell

A meeting place steeped in tradition and close to town

The tradition steeped Kleivstua has an undisturbed location surrounded by natural beauty, only a 40 minutes drive from Oslo. From Sundvollen the Dronningveien road winds through Krokkleiva to the idyllic farmyard with a main house, small houses, stabbur storage house, and outhouses. Kleivstua is history, tradition, forest mysteries, old houses, and grass-clad roofs. This is where Asbjørnsen and Moe roamed the forest to find inspiration for their fairy tales, you are in their kingdom and that can be felt. The finely tuned details of the rooms, the soft couches, and the good meeting rooms. Wandering among the houses in the farmyard or to the Queen’s and King’s view makes Kleivstua a place for good meetings between people - both those who talk business, and those who get married or have something important to celebrate.


Rooms 42
Beds 96
Restaurant 130
Conference capacity 100
Season All year

+47 32 16 14 00

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