Jotunheimen for mountain lovers

At Røisheim you have Jotunheimen, “The Home of the Giants”, on your front step. The 2469 meters tall Galdhøpiggen peak, and Glittertind, just a few meters lower, are the most famous landmarks, but there are also more than two hundred other peaks rising above two thousand meters. Jotunheimen Nature Reserve, established in 1980, is the most mountainous landscape in Norway, and besides the country’s 27 tallest peaks the reserve has many lush valleys, a number of glaciers, and several large lakes. The whole area is an Eldorado for lovers of nature and the outdoors, with innumerable opportunities for activities and exciting challenges! By the way, the host himself, Haavard, is a mountain guide, and he is happy to take his guests out on the mountains. On autumn Saturdays he quite regularly walks to the Galdhøpiggen peak. The trek to the peak of Galdhøpiggen is probably the most popular among our guests! For climbing enthusiasts we can offer various routes for mountain climbing. Glacier hiking is an exquisite natural experience, and every day experienced guides lead expeditions across the many glaciers.

Cultural travels

In Lom there are many interesting sights to see. Visit Lom stave church, Lom Village Museum Presthaugen, Fossheim Stone Centre, Norwegian Mountain Museum, and the herb garden of Nordgard Aukrust. Lom offers an incredible variety of cultural experiences. More about this at Kom til Lom (Come to Lom).


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