The history

A base for climbers, painters, royalty, and ambassadors

Travelling the capricious Sognefjellsveien road it was not unusual for travellers, functionaries, and merchants to stop at Røisheim in Bøverdalen valley to rest before continuing on the infamous mountain road. This was the beginning of tourism at Røisheim, but after the “discovery” of Jotunheimen, they have not stopped coming. The Galdhøpiggen peak was climbed for the first time in 1850, and Røisheim soon became a base for European climbing sport. The greatest painters, poets, and composers of the time; Gude, Edvard Grieg, Henrik Ibsen, Fritz Thaulow, Vinje, Garborg, and Gerhard Munthe; all came to Røisheim, and they all fell in love with the picturesque farm and the magnificent surroundings. In time royalty, ambassadors, politicians, business people, and, of course, mountain and outdoors enthusiasts also found their way here. They came, and they stayed, and they returned year after year. And this tradition still continues today.


Rooms 20
Beds 46
Restaurant 46
Conference capacity 16
Season 2010:

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