Trugstad Gård

A pearl near Gardermoen airport

Through many years Trugstad Gård has been known and loved as a place for seminars, and a restaurant with a kitchen for discerning palates. The farm with its magnificent farmyard is beautifully located in rural landscape, marked by the characteristic ravines of Romerike. Romeriksåsene, a part of Oslo forest, is on its doorstep, offering great opportunities for walks during summer as well as winter. Trugstad Gård is in the middle of the world - only 10 minutes from Gardermoen airport by car, and 45 minutes from the centre of Oslo. Trugstad is perfect for small and medium sized groups, be it seminars and meetings, or parties and other types of arrangements. At Trugstad we also have a separate villa for those who wish to have a meeting or dinner all to themselves.


Rooms -
Beds -
Restaurant 60
Conference capacity 40
Season Closed at Christmas and in July

+47 63 99 58 90

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