Walking opportunities, tranquility, and a view of Romeriksåsen

At Trugstad we aim to offer activities to suit any taste. Nannestad Shooting Club has brand new indoor shooting facilities only minutes away, and the boys from the shooting club will be happy to help you “meet new targets”! For those who want something out of the ordinary, walks in Romeriksåsen forest are popular both summer and winter. The gardens of Trugstad invite you to take a break, and in rougher weather the covered terrace is a popular place to catch some air. The view of Romeriksåsen forest and the agricultural areas give peace of mind.

The old kitchen

In The Old Kitchen you and your colleagues can take part in the dinner preparations. We also arrange wine and beer tasting.


Rooms -
Beds -
Restaurant 60
Conference capacity 40
Season Closed at Christmas and in July

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