Our qualities

We provide The Great Experiences

The Great Life Company offers many magnificent experiences in some of Norway’s most beautiful surroundings. We do not wish only to offer good arenas for your arrangements, we can also fill your stay with content. We aim high, and here we would like to show you what we are good at. Our places aim to offer quality in every link of the chain, and therefore details are what counts. Read more about what we are good at in the menu to the left.

The great journey

How about a tailored journey to Lofoten for a completely different conference trip? We possess competence within journey planning, and are happy to share our expertise with groups that want the very special journey with a program.

Culinary experiences

This may be our most important community. With Culinary Academy as part of our network we expect from ourselves that our guests experience our places as culinary pleasures. The joy of preparing amazingly good food for our guests, is our mantra, the pleasure of enjoying the result should be the experience of our guests. Our places present different food profiles, from the rustic and simple to advanced gourmet art. What we all have in common is the ambition to deliver top quality food based on the best ingredients, prepared with love and knowledge - whether the guest wants a Grefsen burger for lunch with friends - or a 7 course soirée with business connections.

Culture and inspiration

We have a large network of content providers who offer exciting, interesting, artistic, and educational experiences at our places. Our places know their neighbourhood and can guide the guests to the best cultural experiences. We can suggest a lecturer as food for thought at the seminar. Many of our places arrange festivals, concerts, and exhibitions.

Courses and meetings

Arranging courses and meetings is our speciality. What makes a meeting at our places so special, is surroundings that add energy and creativity. We have meeting rooms that inspire the participants. There are no standard meetings, through our surroundings, menu choices, and opportunities for experiences, we add something extra, like a nature experience with a guide.

Big occasions

Our places represent the dream arenas for weddings. We combine tailoring with long experience. Most of our places are small enough to create the very special, personal atmosphere, but at the same time large enough for the magnificent wedding, with a hundred guests. We have beautiful surroundings, and as experienced caterers for weddings we also understand the importance of details and respect the couple’s many wishes.

Sports and the outdoors

All our places offer a big selection of activities within sports and the outdoors. You can play golf in a tranquil mountain landscape, go dog sledding on a mountain plateau with a bunch of friends, climb tops and peaks with a guide, fish salmon and learn fly fishing with a guide, or join a whale safari in Lofoten, go riding, or arrange an outdoor cooking competition with a Primus stove. But you can also dangle your legs on the edge of a pier, relax in the sun in a farmyard, practice stone skipping in a lake, or enjoy a glass of wine with the view from a terrace - nobody has more inspiring surroundings for the little, quiet moments than our places.

Good advice, tips, and help with planning

Contact our project managers for tips, advice, and help with planning your arrangement. We are here to meet high expectations and make our guests’ stay something very special.

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